Meet Joel!

Joel is a Gold’s Gym Lethbridge member and personal training client. Under the guidance of Dave, our Fitness Manager and Personal Trainer, Joel is working his way towards a healthy and fit life!

When Joel first walked into the gym in January of 2016 he was a man on a mission and his journey thus far has inspired all of us here at Gold’s Gym Lethbridge. So much so that we’ve asked his permission to share his story! Lucky for us, he said yes!

Throughout the past year Joel has gotten stronger and so much more confident! He’s the kind of guy who has a smile for everyone! So make sure to say hello when you see him around the gym!

He stands a little taller, he’s a lot more open and doesn’t mind chatting with people…confidence is a big thing we see in people once they start training, Joel particularly!

Dave, Fitness Manager

It’s incredible to see the changes in him both physically and in his confidence, even in the short time I’ve gotten to know him. When you think you can’t, he’s proof that you can! Inspiring!

Anonymous Member